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Common Law and Personal Sovereignty

This is an  ebook I am writing under peer review it is not complete. Contents: Chapter 1  Jurisprudence Chapter 2 Citizenship, Rights, and Property Chapter 3 Corporations, Robots, and Humans Chapter 4 Money, Finance, and Banking Chapter 5 World War Chapter 6 Non Governmental Organizations Chapter 7 United Nations Chapter 8 Referance

American Countdown 4-15-2020

Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes breaks down today’s hottest news on this Wednesday transmission of American Countdown. Tonight’s special guest, Will Chamberlain, will be debating Barnes on what direction the president should take on policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chamberlain is a lawyer and editor-in-chief of Human Events. @Barnes_Law

HOAXED is an insider’s look at the Fake News phenomenon and the consequences of media misinformation, with interviews from those who have been accused of spreading it themselves. As slaves to the elite you are not supposed to know how the media is fake news so this video has been banned. We all know the ….  Read More

A statement about Covid-19

I see ignorance and fear in so many actions by churches, businesses, and officials. All in the name of saving lives? This is a good thing if this was a rehearsal for a more serious pandemic. This is just like Y2k. The fear, the dot com bubble, the manipulation of financial markets. The control and ….  Read More

Proposed Initiative #120 (“Prohibition on Late-Term Abortion”) Does Not Qualify For 2020 Ballot

Denver, April 3, 2020 – The Elections Division of the Colorado Secretary of State’s office announced today that Proposed Initiative 120 (“Prohibition on Late-Term Abortion”) did not obtain the sufficient number of signatures needed to qualify for the 2020 General Election ballot. The “Prohibition on Late-Term Abortion” Initiative submitted 137,624 petition signatures, needing 124,632 valid ….  Read More

Soil Studies

Learning how to produce sustainable farming with knowledge about the living soil with these two great documentaries. “Living Soil” and “Symphony of the Soil”. Learn new vocabulary from university research in “Symphony of the Soil”. Learn the political landscape, functional farming strategy, and similar agreeing structure of thought in “Living Soil”. From the business perspective ….  Read More

Connections with James Burke

The collection of episodes written and presented by James Burke about how technological change happened and led to the modern inventions we take for granted everyday. The excellent story telling of extraordinary innovations that occurred from basic discovery, necessity, and scientific method. Connections 1 The Trigger Effect An introduction and story about how the chain ….  Read More


How the Globalist consolidate power though intimidation and media indoctrination to sell a lie that the Earth will get too hot.