War on Health – Gary Null

The David Knight Show 2/19/2021

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Bitcoin Ben explains how, why, and when equity is now more efficiently represented in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency and the smart contract is now the favored way to conduct transactions. Whereas the corruption of corporate institutions of the stock market, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems that would use mortgage backed securities, systems that are centralized, are foreshadowed by the more efficient decentralized monetary collective of cryptocurrency.

Defect in the impeachment trials.

As I have said before the Corporate Government “the United States of America” is in a state of foreclosure. The impeachment trial is a delay for time as it is following Corporate Commercial Code. See how flawed the trial is. No jurisdiction, due process, no depositions, no evidence, not following the rules of an impeachment. It is a show trial meant to distract the people. Listen to the laughter of the members of the senate because they know that their…

First 3D printed cement homes hit the market.

Main structure is built in just 2 days. %50 cheaper compared to traditional building and is compliant with building code.

Enjoy Traveling Again With Freedom Airway

https://www.freedomairway.com/ Follow #FAFTA FAFTA is the acronym for ‘Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance.’ Our areas of focus are creating Freedom travel packages in the hospitality and tourism arena, in addition to policy work within governments and providing education for our members. Being a member brings you into the effort to assure that your family’s natural health rights while traveling are protected from injurious regulation and discriminatory policy. Our partners all support our values of freedom, natural health, and safe passage. News & Events…

Start Trek Voyager – Natural Law (s7e22)

How a prime directive of an advanced culture can preserve an ancient people from being exploited.

Luteolin: The flavonoid in leafy greens than can keep the flu at bay

Luteolin: The flavonoid in leafy greens than can keep the flu at bay Thursday, February 11, 2021 by: Evangelyn Rodriguez Tags: alternative medicine, antiviral, goodhealth, goodmedicine, goodscience, herbal medicine, Herbs, infections, infectious diseases, influenza virus, luteolin, natural cures, natural medicine, phytonutrients, prevention, remedies, respiratory disease, viral replication Luteolin: The flavonoid in leafy greens than can keep the flu at bay Thursday, February 11, 2021 by: Evangelyn Rodriguez Tags: alternative medicine, antiviral, goodhealth, goodmedicine, goodscience, herbal medicine, Herbs, infections, infectious diseases, influenza virus, luteolin, natural cures, natural medicine, phytonutrients, prevention, remedies, respiratory disease, viral replication (Natural News) Luteolin is a…