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Common Law and Personal Sovereignty

This is an  ebook I am writing under peer review it is not complete. Contents: Chapter 1  Jurisprudence Chapter 2 Citizenship, Rights, and Property Chapter 3 Corporations, Robots, and Humans Chapter 4 Money, Finance, and Banking Chapter 5 World War Chapter 6 Non Governmental Organizations Chapter 7 United Nations Chapter 8 Referance

Soil Studies

Learning how to produce sustainable farming with knowledge about the living soil with these two great documentaries. “Living Soil” and “Symphony of the Soil”. Learn new vocabulary from university research in “Symphony of the Soil”. Learn the political landscape, functional farming strategy, and similar agreeing structure of thought in “Living Soil”. From the business perspective ….  Read More

Connections with James Burke

The collection of episodes written and presented by James Burke about how technological change happened and led to the modern inventions we take for granted everyday. The excellent story telling of extraordinary innovations that occurred from basic discovery, necessity, and scientific method. Connections 1 The Trigger Effect An introduction and story about how the chain ….  Read More