Update 8/10/2020 Dear Pro-Life Warriors, Thank you for continuing to work so hard to support Proposition 115, formerly Initiative 120. Due Date Too Late remains the official campaign effort to end late-term abortion in Colorado. We are thankful for the other groups rising up to support our efforts and makeRead More →

Learning how to produce sustainable farming with knowledge about the living soil with these two great documentaries. “Living Soil” and “Symphony of the Soil”. Learn new vocabulary from university research in “Symphony of the Soil”. Learn the political landscape, functional farming strategy, and similar agreeing structure of thought in “LivingRead More →

The collection of episodes written and presented by James Burke about how technological change happened and led to the modern inventions we take for granted everyday. The excellent story telling of extraordinary innovations that occurred from basic discovery, necessity, and scientific method. Connections 1 The Trigger Effect An introduction andRead More →