QFS Radioactive Water Mark on Election Ballots Will Prove Election Fraud!

Mobile ARAM system

(retraction and corrections as of 11-9-2020 indicated in bold text)

This election was so unique because there was a foundation for authentication implanted in the paper of each ballot. I have confirmed this from a person knowledgeable in the intelligence community. It turns out to be false. I got this story first from the War Room during an interview with Dr. Steve Penpieczenik. The doctor states that there were watermarked ballots.  Invisible to the eye, a watermark can be detected by a spectrum of photon energy that will cause a pigment to floress(phosphorescence) or reflect back a different wavelength. In this technology with the 2020 ballots, infused at the paper mill, a pigment with a medical-grade imaging isotope printed in a particular image code. A friend of mine who has connections confirmed this story by adding that the watermark is radioactive. This means that if a large number of ballots are thrown away, the national guard can find a particular beta and or alpha radioactive isotope. This would mean ballots could be tracked transit on the highway system. For example, in 2008 an effort to detect nuclear weapons being transported on United States interstate systems was unveiled to the public called adaptable radiation area monitor (ARAM) technology. Showcasing that a Gama Ray detection system was viable. At that time the ARAM systems could detect concealed radioactive material about the size of a grain of sand moving at 45 miles per hour, nearly freeway speed. By today's standard, these systems can probably detect other particle types in transit. Moreover, the significance of this could mean that ballots can be found in the trash, tested for counterfeit, and tracked from the paper manufacture to the individual handling the paper, through the mail processor, and all the way into the courtroom assuming the half-life of the isotope and ink are still viable. This concept has been around a long while in RFID taggant technology used in a variety of micro identification concepts including explosive materials to help find and track the maker of an improvised explosive device. Manufactures will include a particular ingredient to a product so the consumer can be tracked in the event a crime is committed. What is unique to this story is how the supreme court has ordered all ballots coming in late to be segregated and counted separately. This means that whoever is committing crimes of voter fraud will be having a difficult time defending themselves in a jury trial or military tribunal.

In this CBS article, the liberal mayor of Philadelphia is already declaring victory for Biden. However, pay close attention to how the late ballots are ordered to be separate. The late count will allow fake ballots for Biden to raise the count in favor of Biden. This means that the evaluation of the ballots despite many other pieces of evidence; like the spread on the local candidate vote is disproportional to the federal candidate count, the timing of count increase, and so on, will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt with the watermark, that fraud was committed. Also, the masterpiece of this is the ultimate destruction of the democratic party as we know it because it will prove who committed crimes. Also, the behavior of the mainstream media will cause the majority of United States Citizens to discredit mainstream media channels of information. I also think it is interesting how the new Justice Amy Barrett has recused herself causing a tie to allow this condition to proceed. It is 5D chess people. Watch.


What is QFS and how is it applied to an image for authentication?

To coordinate a national research effort encompassing Federal agencies the academic community, and industry leaders already underway, The White House National Quantum Coordination Office has released A Strategic Vision for America’s Quantum Financial System Networks.  February 2020

Quantum Financial System (QFS) provides pristine clean integrity in the movement of funds from Central Banking sources to destination accounts.

The QFS will cover the new global network for the transfer of asset-backed funds and can replace the US- Centrally Controlled SWIFT System.

A key benefit of QFS is to protect all parties from corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking system and ensure banks are monitored and protected with regard to the agreed-upon contract of the transfer fund process.

QFS is completely independent of the existing centralized system and makes all other transfer systems obsolete due to its advanced capabilities.

QFS is NOT cryptocurrency but instead, it is an asset-backed digital currency.

QFS reigns supreme in photonic technology at 3.5 trillion frames per second.. It replaces obsolete IP dynamic routing with the true physical GPS authentication between the sender and receiver routing while upholding 100% financial security and transparency of all currency holders.

Protocols will be instituted with QFS so that Artificial Intelligence will control the transfers and independently be allowed to control the global financial network unless the highest level of approval is given. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) program will handle instant settlements in real-time without delays!

The A.I. assigns a “digital” number to every fiat Dollar/Euro/Yen in every bank account all over the world. “Digital” numbers are monitored in real-time. The physical GPS location between the sender and receiver will be set up to provide unbreakable security when it was ledger-ed with regard to who sent it, and what account received it.

Sovereign Currency of the United States will be USN (unconfirmed)

If you hear or see language like that it is to distract you from the fact that the United States Treasury is taking control of the Federal Reserve Inc., if Trump is reelected.


When Dr. Penpieczenik mentions QFS encryption he is saying the Whitehouse placed an encoded stamp on each paper used to make an envelope and ballot. Unlike a financial transaction that needs a transmitting computer and receiving computer. Not true.

The National Quantum Initiative Act (NQI Act) was signed into law by President Trump on December 21, 2018. For more information visit: https://www.quantum.gov

This video shows violent insurrection plotted during a contested election. I wanted to join the Stop the Steal Movement but I am now advised that a protest is not relevant or productive, for there is violence that is planned against us. Just don't get in the crowd that is planned in Denver Saturday. It won't serve to show anything because people are reading articles like this one, and watching infowars.com, bitchute, minds.com and gab.com. Not walking the streets. These traitors will be prosecuted very soon.  Share this video, please.

One decenter who thinks Dr. Penpieczenik can not be trusted and that the methods used to catch voter fraud criminals if true are not the best strategy.  I have been advised that a "sting operation" is not the correct term to explain what is happing. A statement like that would imply that the government forced an action to happen that would create an implication that would show crime. The correct statement would be that an authentication system is in place to help catch traitors in our government. This may be why Davie Knight is opposed to the sting idea or truth of it.

Bill Still has done a report on this and did some extra work for us. He has a dissenting opinion as well. I can see that Dr. Penpieczenik has been at the center of many contentious issues and that it is the Q crowd that will play into this story the most. I think that ballots can be tracked, traced, and authenticated because the watermark can be in place before the elections and printing. It looks like the patent referenced a code that the voter receives in the mail. Could it be that code is in the watermark? To say garbage in is garbage out is not relevant because the watermark is not part of the vote tabulation. It is a stain that will provide evidence in the adjudication process. Anyway, when you see Bill Still saying ballots can not be tracked, he is correct in the sense that not as a live GPS tracking program but if a sensor is tuned into the correct type of radiation given off by the isotope, it can be detected. Moreover, it can be used as a reliable system because nuclear material can be traced to the reactor that produced it. I recorded my effort in getting this report #3330 to show how Google has hidden this particular report, it should have resolved with the exact search term. If Google is censoring this report, the chances that is it true are high. Two issues here are; is the watermark story is true and are the reputations of my friend and Dr. penpieczenik are credible. Only time will tell. At this point, so much evidence is piling up that it is obvious major election fraud has occurred on a national scale.

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