Nighthawk is for avanced wireless internet users.

NightHawk MR1100 Manual Download

This is a great device but most users don't need such a pricey investment. It needs a good data plan to open up the potential of this device. It is not 5G but it will provide plenty of speed for anything you want to do. I recommend it to anyone who is into mobile video journalism because sometimes a camera can not be in an ideal position to connect to a tower. The Nighthawk works like a repeater that can equip two external 4G antennas or use it's internal fractal antenna while extending a WiFi reception into a RV or metal building. You can use VoIP to make calls on this WiFi. Forgo the high power radio transmission in rural areas that drains your battery and radiates your brain as WiFi is a lower radio amplitude. Despite all this technology, they don't let a phone tethered to a hotspot. You need a program called Net PDA on a computer that will send data through a cable. This stuff matters because over time you're getting radio radiation exposure that has been proven to cause cancer. You can look up more about this information on Wikipedia with the keyword inverse law of propagation. It basically describes how radiation is absorbed from a transmission source by identifying the power amplitude from the source and the distance from it. There's a lot more complicated math to that but keep this article simple; the higher the frequency and the higher the amplitude the more energy is being produced. The closer and more time a human is to that transmission source the more exposure there is.
The Nighthawk has a powerful battery that can allow it to run for about 12 hours while producing reliable signal transceiving. If the battery gets too hot a software program and thermister will prevent excessive overheat by not allowing additional charging but will keep the device operational. You can operate this device without a battery you can swap out a battery, something you can't do with phones these days. What I do is I have multiple phones and I always break them or sell them or trade them but I keep my VoIP software the same so if something happens I can simply go to another device to keep my communications coherent. Here's a secret note about hotspots, most mobile carriers do not openly solicit hotspots because they collect less customer proprietary network information data. Specific device identifiers such as IP addresses, cookies, IMEI, or ESN information are not conveyed through Wi-Fi telemetry to an ISP or wireless carrier unless particular applications on the device have permission to do so. Here is a secret about 4G and 5G and why you want this kind of device for your future wireless needs, 5G is for robots, not humans there's no need for a human to access that much bandwidth. The issue with 5G is the health and safety of a human being. 5G wireless is not cellular technology it is microwave beaming technology. Whereas 4G is a cell of the geographical area that opens an envelope of transmission for transceiving data between two devices a 5G device creates a narrow beam straight to the tower and straight to the device. So if 5G device will take less power to accomplish that but the radiation that is propagated goes directly through whatever it is targeted to go through because 5G systems are a targeting system. For an advanced user that understands this type of safety and uses lots of wireless services, the Nighthawk can be a valuable investment whereas it can be placed in a location away from a human body and connected to a network of peripheral systems.