A statement about Covid-19

I see ignorance and fear in so many actions by churches, businesses, and officials. All in the name of saving lives? This is a good thing if this was a rehearsal for a more serious pandemic. This is just like Y2k. The fear, the dot com bubble, the manipulation of financial markets. The control and power over anyone not willing to stand up to the basic human right to assemble for political rallies or religious practice. It's a dangerous time, not from illness, but from fascism. I want the elderly to be safe and there are people dieing, so lets not forget that this is a problem that we have sickness, but please understand that it can be cured or prevented in most cases.

The problem I see in the case of covid-19 is that those who are ill simply live an unhealthy lifestyle. Sometimes it is of choice sometimes by circumstance. Victims of this are immune-compromised. This means that the immune system of the human body is not working as it is designed. The quest of a technician is to solve the underlying problems that are simple by common sense. Often, a meticulous system by many programmers and engineers will instruct a technician. As a technician I defer to the real minds of success that I showcase here to make the evidence clear that the real issue is political, economic, cultural, and many of the things that enter into a human body today are synergisticly adverse to the immune system. From sugar to fluoride, from emf to pesticides. The fact that life is so toxic now people have to filter the air and water. Check out this article on Briebart: Nearly 90 percent of U.S. coronavirus patients who have been hospitalized have underlying health problems, or comorbidities, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The fact that iodine and vitamin D deficiency is common in most Americans today should be the topic of discussion not some virus and stigma that comes with the spread of disease. Why? because the facts this time are not sufficient to invoke lock-down, shutdown, and social distancing.

Monday broadcast of American Countdown, constitutional attorney Robert Barnes discusses the left’s fantasy to keep the country locked down indefinitely as an exercise of power and to hurt Trump ahead of the election. How long will America continue to sacrifice it's liberty for the illusion of safety? Actress Mindy Robinson joins the show to give her take on the extended lockdown and what may happen if the nation doesn’t reopen soon.
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Next News Network excerpt 28 minutes @ 480p or get the full version 1.5 hours @ 1080p on the Technician Quest channel at bitchute here.
Why and how this takeover of human rights is happening. This interview is so comprehensive and accurate. Cashless society, political control, exploitation of fear, free speech suppression, fake problems = fake solutions. Imuno-compromised people, ect. This is an excerpt for low data consumption.

Naturepathic medicine has better results, here is the proof. My favorite, Dr. Gladden shows the numbers and the monopolization of the medical market place. Why the lock down on a less lethal virus than the flu?



Now If you think it is normal to lose freedom and liberty over a lie then get a load of this:

Now a look at our society from a current cultural perspective.

Diamond and Silk, these ladies have already been censored on twitter so I took a copy and placed it here just in case.

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