Electric Universe Theory

Despite the advanced educational progress in universities today, the study of cosmology and quantum mechanics leaves missing information about contested natural processes. The Electric Universe Theory proposes that the Sun is not a nuclear reaction, gravity is an infinitely weak force, there are no black holes, there are no neutron stars, There are no quasars, and many more. Alternatively, The Electric Universe Theory proposes that electron flow of static and magnetic di-electric are the quanta that hold galaxies, planetary systems, and is the cause of energy projection throughout the universe. This playlist collects documentaries that advocate for the Electric Universe Theory. There is a diverse underclass society of scholars who know the potential of this knowledge and are able to apply this into advanced predictive models.

The discovery by David Lapoint that the order of mater as photons and plasma is the fundamental state of mater that builds the majority of the universe. This 3 part documentary series builds a foundation into the Electric Universe Theory. Demonstrated in a collection of patented devices and experiments. A theory that is proven time and time again with the following Thunderbolts project documentaries. In this first part, the basic introduction into the paradox of the photon and a simple explanation of the double slit experiment. Furthermore a look into the order of magnetism and planetary Symmetry. Throughout this introduction are the fractal notions of the concentration of energy, from the photon to a galaxy.
An in depth look into the bowl structure of the magnetic fields that surround the photon and other galactic formations. Giving rise to a new fundamental perception into cosmology.
The investigation and explanation of how the photon is a resonant concentration of energy. There are no more additions of the primer fields that I know of that were produced by David Lapoint. He speaks of a 6 part series and I'm not sure if he was referring to the work that was done by the Thunderbolts project. Lapoint later went into making a medical device with his theory.
A revelation into the parallels of: mythology, plasma morphology, and cosmology. A great introduction into the Electric Universe Theory as the concepts of plasma and electrical discharge between planets are introduced. Artistic mythological archetypes from many cultures around the world depicting unknown meaning for the fist time expressed here as having a consistent and fundamental theme.
A new example of Electric Universe Theory that proves Mars's topography is the result of a historic electric discharge in space. Discussions and experiments about cosmic thunderbolts, plasmoid, and space bound planetary crust as electrostatic ejecta fill this documentary. The Thunderbolts team is once again contesting mainstream schools of textbook education by challenging: the water erosion theory, Olympus Mons is not a shield volcano, and that Mars and Venus had changed positions in the solar system.
What a commit is, now better defined by the Electric Universe Theory. As the "dirty ice ball" and compositional zoning theory fail due to minerals found in the NASA Star Dust mission. The Thunderbolts team is now able to make predictions as mainstream scientists are surprised. Electrochemistry that explains the presence of water from comets. Explanations as to why comets break apart. A fascinating look at how electrical changes to any body of mass that transits through the Sun's electric field.
Transmission of energy via [electro-static mutual Induction] vs. [di-electromagnetic]. Shown in the original Tesla and Loomis over-unity systems. These electrical designs do not have power supplies, but use the ambient electrical stress in the atmosphere. This introduction of the Tesla Society at a armature ham radio club in 1986. Eric presents a demonstration of the wonders of this censored electrical knowledge. This teaching is compatible with the Electric Universe Theory because it shows how electrical pressure works overtime and distance. Time being expressed in the inverse and transverse detentions. Eric has been on record stating that the Sun is an electrical transformer and not a nuclear furnace.

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