The Quest Question

With only a basic education can I take command of the English language and bring information into this diary of studies? When I post an article it may continue to be updated for years. Experiments that are conducted and modified are contained in a single post unless a divergence into a new field of study occurs. This is because this is not a blog. This is a research repository of a technician who knows how to ask the right questions and get down to the point of contention. I stray away from theories and stick to the facts. I am looking for the truth to answer the question how can I achieve full sustainability?

First I believe that sustainability in my life means to behave in a way that allows resources to be consumed at a rate less than are produced. Second, is the social aspect of my actions and how everything I do effects other people. Third, limiting my wealth to the point of a poverty income level while living a quality life. I am not a Marxist, I just don’t want to pay Federal income taxes. Having and owning property is a healthy byproduct of a quality life. Ownership of property is a key incentive to foster responsibility. A quality and happy life is a state of being where all needs are met: stable family structure, education, clean water, and food. Shelter and basic commerce are also important basics. If you listen to any politician you’ll hear them say we need jobs job jobs… I disagree. Nobody knows how to act normal anymore. Most of us are on drugs. Most of us don’t get the nutrition, water, or sleep we need. I think we need less banks and more robot masonry workers. I see all this technology not being used and it could do away with half the jobs in the market today. Someday soon bank money will be worthless because of the reckless mismanagement, corruption of politicians, and war mongering from the plutocracy. Not to fear, we the people are quite resourceful and do participate in commerce that uses state money, crypto-currency, or trade/barter systems. Then we will boycott the central bank system. Please also visit to learn how We The People are fighting to stop corruption. That’s important because you need a stable political climate to achieve a state of sustainability.

If you only needed to work 1 year to build a home that would last 1000 years would you build it? If you only had to pick your food out of a garden each day to eat a diet full of diversity and from pure food would you build it? You are saying yes and I know it. Land ownership and clean water is a key to this quest. Moreover this is becoming more and more difficult as the United States continues to become inundated with pollution and political corruption. Freedom to build on land and a place to practice my new found quest is very much a large part of the reporting that will be done here. This second step is still in the works because it must be land that will let me build a farm and a house to my exact specifications. I hope to write about the technology and why it works. I would like to influence how you look at your life and see if this quest may also apply to you. I hope you take these ideas and copy my actions. If you think there is a better way to live and to weed out the distraction. Stay focused here, share what you know, as some of the subjects that I cover require community effort in order to be effectively solved. I must not be alone, there must be other humans like me out there. If you think like I do, this site will make sense, if not then keep trying or feel free to ask a question.


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