Monolithic Concrete Domes

Actually these can be combinations of cylinders and domes. In the home I want to build, there should be a duplex design so that some of the first mover costs are shared by an investor. Of course the investor gets a portion equal to the actual amount of principle invested and represents his share in a coperate stock at a limited liability, public benefit corporation (P.B.C). This segregates the ownership and allows for easy calculation as the asset increases in value.

This project is the cheapest way to become a farmer near an urban setting. Here in Colorado Springs CO we have Hartsel, located in Park County, as the cheapest and closest city. Hartsel is positioned at the center of the state. The small neighborhood town is suited for ranching because most parcels have the size to provide food growing space and animal rearing. Though the winters can get cold and deep with snow, this project is not hindered by such typical engineering flaws. The zoning, Residential Estate (R-20), is the smallest possible farm for this project and the county has never taken the consideration of using fish or bees as live stock animals. Building codes will permit this structure type. I am hopeful to get minimum material cost down to $13,000 for a 700 cubic foot volume… This does not include a well. A community Greenhouse is permitted but produce may not be sold. If too much traffic appears it will upset the neighbors. This in mind, a home and 200 square foot fish rearing house that looks like a green house could be built. Connected is a mini hoop house system with rows extending for growing vegetables, fruits, spices, bees and worms. This project will intersect with almost every rule in the book. A relationship with the county officials with develop as they start to see the compliance by our company at every step of the way. This is a key tenant of the project. We must appeal to the process and thereby not infringe on the sovereignty of others whom may be living in the area. If the land is considered to be a wetland then it could go two ways. One, they like the aquaponics but not a duck farm or sheep, chickens, ect. Outcome two, they don’t like any of it. Don’t buy that parcel. If it is not on a wetland then more freedoms appear.

The possibility to have a small pond and ducks: provides the ability to have cheap duck eggs, a plus for most diets. I say a delicacy indeed.

The water problem is solved in one of three ways: cistern, recycling, and well. The first step is to see if your well dreams are going to pan out. Learn how to use the following site and check the area for water.

Colorado Department of Natural Resources

See if the Environmental Health Department, has any public information about the local water at your estimated depth. If not request a kit and find the closest well at a similar depth, take a sample. (A neighbor might be helpful. Try to send a letter and not knock on the door, avoid trespassing)

The Environmental Health Department has water test kits for home drinking water available at not cost. These test for: lead, chlorine, nitrates / nitrites, bacteria, pesticides, hardness, and pH. For more in-depth testing, you will need to contact the Colorado Department of Public Health Chemistry Laboratory at (303) 692-3048 to discuss water tests or call the Chemistry Laboratory’s bottle order line at (303) 692-3074 to order sample bottles.

Then if you decide to give the green light, start spending money here.

Site Evaluation: $150 + Wetland Delineation: $50/hour
Site Evaluation & Wetland Delineation -$50/hour
It looks like a discount if you don’t get to use the land. I advise doing this the before buying the land.
Then if you like what you see prepare your design and building plans for this process.


Why a Dome home? A very good question. It began when we learned of the energy efficiency of a Dome. With each new dome we realized the interior design can become anything. The cost is reasonable compared to a traditional home. The cost of a traditional home here is around $75.00 to $125.00 a sq. ft. Visit our floor plan page below to get a better idea of the cost. They are safe and tornado resistant.

Cost time’s square foot = Sales Price.
Example: $75.00 x 1000 sq ft. = $75,000 Unfinished Shell.
A unfinished shell is a home with the outside of the home done.The plumbing and electric is ready.The Internal of the dome is not ready to move in.
It helps you save money by you doing some of the work if you can, such as the Kitchen cabinets, Frame work, and plumbing, a upstairs can be added at that time.


Above is a 35 ft. Dome having 961 sq. ft. of living area with a small loft. And 200 sq. ft. of garage area.
Below is a 32 ft. Dome with 804 sq. ft. living area.


This is a 25 ft. Dome having 491 sq. ft. of living area.


The Dome below is a 36 ft. dome that has 1,018 sq. ft. of living area and could have a small upstairs at around 300 sq. ft.



Click on the photo below to see the home built from this floor plan.


This Dome below is a 50 ft. having 1,963 sq. ft. of living area and a second floor that has 893 sq. ft. of living space or a large loft.


Sample Floor plans. However we can design it any way that you may need it.

Floorpains/4bed2stor3189sqft.jpg Floorpains/4bed2827sqft.jpg Floorpains/4bed1964sqft2baths.jpg Floorpains/4bed1964sqft.jpg
Floorpains/3bed3217sqft.jpg Floorpains/3bed2827sqft.jpg Floorpains/3bed2512sqft.jpg Floorpains/3bed2273sqft.jpg
Floorpains/3bed1590sqft.jpg Floorpains/medium_dl-3901-2bed.jpg Floorpains/medium_dl-3701-2bed.jpg Floorpains/medium_dl-3401-2bed.jpg
Floorpains/medium2bed.jpg Floorpains/med2.jpg
Thanks to Monolithic Dome Institute (MDI)

As I get the drafting software and calculate the air form requirements, concrete standards and testing, then compile a construction plan, I will post more information on this same post.




Can I subdivide my property into several lots?Please contact the Park County Planning Department at (719) 836-4258 for more information.



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