Technician Quest Rebooted

Technician Quest is my journey to improving the quality of life for all people of the world. This site is back up after a couple of months of down time. An in depth look into many problems and issues are addressed and solved here. Human sustainability is the ability to persist without causing externalizations of cost or burden. I, the only current author, Christopher K. Frampton, am suggesting that all people can thrive because there are plenty of resources to provide shelter, nourishment, and education. Throughout the next month this site will be filled with documentaries that identify key issues that challenge conventional schools of thought. Then soon after the foundation is in place to provide a reference, a live broadcast will be produced with many different individuals whom have the background and professional education to help me in this quest to find the truth. I am a self educated man who knows how to ask the right questions but is not formerly indoctrinated, allowing me to think outside the box. Text me today at 7192032496 express your ideas or questions that should be on this site.

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